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Matt Simpson Pro 600 #91

Born: September 1,2001

How old were you when you started racing?

I was 15

What type bike do you race?

A Yamaha R6

Why do you race with plate 91?

It is the month and day I was born.

Favourite Racing memory?

This would go back a few years ago when I was racing lightweight at Mosport. The whole race we were going full out 4 wide into each corner.

What would be your favourite track to race and least favourite?

My favourite would be Mosport. It always has close finishes with amazing battles all race long. I really don't have a least favourite they all offer challenges in their own way.

What is your passion outside of racing?

In the summer I like to golf and during the winter I play hockey.

What is your pre race meal and celebration meal?

I like to have a late breakfast sandwich or wrap, since we are usually the race right after lunch.

If there is one thing you could change in racing today what would it be?

I would like to see the bikes kept a little more stock. This would keep the cost down and

the racing even closer and fun to watch for the fans.

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