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Paul Macdonell Pro Superbike #85

Birthday: July 9th 1987

How old were you when you started racing?

Growing up I raced dirt bikes a bit but it wasn't until 2019 I developed an interest in road racing. I began racing racing at 31 in the Edmonton Motorcycle Racing Association. I really wish I started sooner but didn't know how to get involved in my earlier years.

What type of bike do you race?

For 2024 I have made a move and will be switching from a Yamaha to a BMW in the CSBK Pro Superbike Class.

Why do you race with the plate number you use?

There will be another change for this year. For my rookie season I ran 785 but will be dropping the 7 and will just be number 85. The number 785 came from my motocross days in a pretty random way. As I was heading to the registration table my 15 year old self said it would be coo le have the number 69 but then I looked over at an 85cc added the 7 in front and the number 785 stuck with me from there on.

Whats your favourite racing memory?

In 2021 when I was dead set on winning the amature championship I crashed my A bike and had to run my B bike on rain tires from the back of the grid to win the championship. I will say the amount of people who came together and helped try to get my A bike back together is what I will never forget. Such camaraderie epitomizes what I cherish most about this sport.

What is your favourite track in the CSBK series?

Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (CTMP / Mosport) takes the top spot for a number of reasons. First it simply operates on a different level in comparison to any other track we run. It offers the perfect blend of high speed action and convenience, making it ideal for the large crowds. I am also a fan of the layout of Shannonville's long track layout. My least favourite track I would say is Grand Bend. It just didn't live upto what I expected it to be.

What is your passion(s) outside of racing?

Durning the race season my life gets pretty chaotic. I am mostly away from home, working in the oilfield. This leaves very little time in my personal life. When I am not travelling right after my shift, I prioritise spending as much time as I can with my dogs. Since I can't always be with them, I make sure they are well taken care of and living their best life.

What is your pre race meal and your celebration meal?

This off season I have made some significant changes to my diet, sticking closely to the carnivore diet. On race days I eat pretty moderately, usually opting for eggs, bananas and Grenade protein bars along with plenty of BCCA/EAA to stay hydrated. Rebel Fit Nutrition always supporting me with the best products they offer. After a race weekend I am always looking to treat myself to a pizza.

If there is one thing you could change in racing today what would it be?

This is a challenging question as it is hard to narrow down to one thing. Personally I would love to see road racing make a comeback in popularity with more tracks involved and improved safety measures. While we all understand the inherent risks involved in the sport it is also a costly endeavor. Much of the challenge lies in securing sufficient financial support.

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