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Samuel Guérin #2 Pro Superbike

Birthday July 4th 1991

How old were you when you started racing?

I started riding at 8 and racing at 12

What type of bikes do you race?

I race superbike, ice bikes and mountain and motocross bikes for fun.

Why do you use the plate number 2?

I use to be number 82 but after the 2020 season ( I finished second in the championship). In 2021 Colin Fraser asked me to use a single digit number. I choose 8 but he responded with how about 2, so I said sounds good and have been 2 since that day.

Favourite racing memory?

I would say it was when I had a perfect weekend in anateur superbike in 2019 at Mosport(CTMP)

What is your favourite Track in the CSBK series.

it would be without any doubt Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP) fromaly known as Mosport. It is the only track we run that allows us to experince the full potential of our Superbikes.

Your passion outside of racing?

Boxing, downhill mountain biking, motocross and golf.

What is your pre race meal and your celebration meal?

I have steak and rice as my pre race meal. For my celebration meal it is Doritos sweet chili heat ahaha.

If you could change anything in the sport what would it be?

Bring the series back to Calabogie . I would also be nice to see big sponsorship money return to motorcycle racing in Canada.

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